Monday, May 25, 2015

Remember the Heros...

 On my way home from the beach house, I stopped in Port Huron at McDonald's for a bathroom

And a chocolate shake.

OKAY-and a small fry.

In line next to me was a man wearing a Vietnam veteran t-shirt.   I asked him if he was, in fact, a veteran.  He told me that he was in the Marines and served in Vietnam.  I thanked him for his service and bought him his lunch.  Whoopee-I spent five dollars and 17 cents on a man that unselfishly sacrificed for our country.  Now who's the hero?  Teehee!

He was polite and gracious as he thanked me twice.  I wished him a Happy Memorial Day and we both went on our merry way. 

Such a small gesture on my part did leave me with a smile. 

Hope your day gives you something to smile about and if not, for cryin' out loud go get yourself a chocolate shake and a (small) fry! xo

Monday, May 18, 2015

Doll Parts...

It happens a couple of times a year.  A wave of creativity so strong it has me clipping Micheal's coupons.  And I hate clipping coupons.  It seems such a responsible and thrifty thing to do, but somehow I never have those little discounts with me when I need them.  I stand at the counter and dig thru my wallet just to come up empty or with an expired coupon.  But I buy the stuff anyways.  Paint, brushes, canvases, wreath making supply and such.  I have made two 'D' wreaths, one for me and one for my Mom.  The baseball themed wreaths now grace both of our doors.  I happily painted, hot glued and ribbon tied myself into contentment.  My neighbor Shirley brought over 2 yard toads and some frogs on a branch that had faded.  I busted out my paints and gave all the critters a makeover complete with a special effect that will leave 'em sparking when the sun hits them.  I love to just disappear in the effort.  But when I saw a picture on Pinterest of doll head planters, I had to try to create them.  Friend Marty is know to have a taste for the bizarre, so I knew they would have a home amongst his black petunias and other dark foliage.  I did feel a little strange, buying dolls from the Sal Val only to behead them and give them full lobotomies.  Then came the makeup and piercing before planting back their 'hair'.   "Going Postal" then next day aired them to an unexpecting Marty.  In addition to all this nonsense, I have been haunting local flower nurseries to find what's new for my flower beds and pots.  I also am full on organizing garage, basement, beach house and more.  Like I said, this happens to me every spring when the flowers bloom-so do I.  So that's some of what I've been up to this spring.  I plant to wrap this all up by June 01, where I will switch over to my Dog Days of Summer routine that includes much laziness and many books.  Anyone else inspired? 
P.S.  As as happened in the past, I cannot indent or space out paragraphs.  I apologize for this and swear I will get me some computer 'edjamacation'!   xoxo Happy Spring!! xoxo

Monday, May 11, 2015

Nothing Without Love...

On Mother's Day I had the pleasure of honoring my Mom-wonderful Mom and friend that she is.  She is always there for me and the older I get, the more like her I am.  And that's fine with me!

I have always felt that being a mother was it's own honor.  From the very creation and of a child, a mother signs on for the incredible responsibility of nurturing, caring, loving and teaching.  I loved being a mother.  I am still struggling when someone asks me anew, "do you have any children".  I stammer and stutter and get all teary.  Not yet sure how to answer that question with grace.  But, I'm working on it.

I want to thank some very special people this week.  Darling Michelle, who has been so very supportive to me this past year and always.  I love my angel, Angel Girl! xo  Jaime, who always is generous with goodies, cards and sweet words.  You help me keep the faith, Girl. xo  My Mom, brother Steve, sister Lisa and brother-in-law Steve, who wrapped me in a weekend of family and love.  More family and friends offered hugs and support.  My phone blew up in supportive texts and my facebook page and Dane's Remembrance page were filled with lovely words.  I received cards with the most heartfelt of messages.  Dollfriend Kristin-your words, I will never forget.  You know me so well and perfectly addressed what I was struggling with. xo  And if I've forgotten anyone, I apologize.  Oh!  My husband, for his constant acceptance of me and my tears.  Thru his own grief, he is always there for me.  The flowers were lovely, too! xo 

Thank you all for helping me on this heart hurting day. 

And Dane, for 31 years I was honored to be called your Mother.  You are my heart and it was the best thing ever. xoxo

Monday, May 4, 2015


I love the royals.  Princess Grace, Princess Diana, William and Kate and Harry and little George,  even the old Queenie, I love to watch.  Prince Charles and Camilla?  Not so much.  Not much style and or glamour going on there..But the dignity and tradition and proper behavior get to me a little.  So unlike the way we do it here in the good old USA.

So as a whacko who follows the Britian monarchy, I want to welcome Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana who was born May 02.  Such a sweet baby!

Coincidentally, our own little sweetie, Princess Vivenne Marie Thompson was born on the same day to our dear friends, Tom and Kara.  Congrats to all and I can't wait to get my hands on little Vivienne.  There is simply nothing like a baby to inspire a fresh new look at life.  I am very excited to watch her grow, while seeing our friends turn into parents.

 Happy Cinco De Mayo tomorrow and a very special Happy Birthday to my Sissy by another mother Cheryl.  Cheryl is my sister in law, confidant, inspiration and support team, and partner in Margarita crimes.  And trust me-there have been a few!  Have the bestest day evahh and we will eat cake (and bitch about it later) and drink margaritas soon.  Love you so very much, Doll. xo

Y'all have a blessed week and enjoy our upcoming spring weather.  I love it!! xo