Monday, August 27, 2012

Blowin' in the Wind...

Exhale, uncross my fingers, thank the Lord and breathe.  Our precious Florida Keys getaway was once again spared any real damage by Hurricane Isaac.  Hopefully Charles and Lana will be as fortunate, altho the storm seems to be heading their way.  Pray that no one is harmed and the damage is minimal.  The hurricane season will be niggling away at us until it ends in November, as it does every year.  It confounds me that we can't do something to prevent these things.  I mean can't we just throw a stick of dynamite in the eye of it and blow the damn thing up?  Why do I have to think of everything? Sheesh...
And how about that crazy Prince Harry?  Hooks up with new bud, Ryan Lochte and just tears up Las Vegas.  The fun starts out innocently enough-two shirtless dudes racing in the swimming pool.  (Did Harry seriously think he had a chance?)  But then things go terribly off the rails.  Prince H, darling that he is, hooks up with a bunch of chickies for a game of 'strip pool'.  Now where can this possibly go when all he has on is his swimming trunks to begin with!?  I can only guess that the cocktails were flowing.  And dear Harry, have you not seen the ease of photos with a phone?  It's very easy to snap a sneaky pic and just as easy to make the shot go viral in about two seconds.  And where was your security beefcake?  Fired, I presume. Now, I have always thought the Monarchy to be excessively stuffy, and I admired Princess Diana's attempt to make it more 'common'.  But I bet that Harry's mother is rolling over in her grave at her baby boy's antics.  Not what anyone had in mind for the 'family jewels'!
Now, I understand that Prince Harry is a young, fun loving guy.  We all have war stories that involves events we would not rather admit to.  For most of us, it's just the learning curve of life.  But he is a Prince and it would seem that that title deserves just a little more tact.  What do you think-does the Monarchy's image deserve to be treated with more respect, or do you think that Prince Harry is just acting like a young man of privilege, out for a good time. I understand he has been advised to pull his facebook page-something I was surprised to find that he had in the first place.  It's going to be interesting to see how the whole thing shakes out.  I have a feeling that Harry will be much less visible for awhile.  I have always been fascinated with all things royal and it seems that things have shifted a little.  Let me know what you think or even if you care!
Have a great last week of August-September is bearing down on us! xo 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey Joe...

On Saturday, my dear and youngest niece Lindsey married her sweetheart Joe.  The wedding took place on the campus of University of Michigan as well as the reception that followed.  It was the perfect day for a garden wedding and Lins and Joe were supremely happy.  I wish them a lifetime of laughter and joy and love, sweet love.  Go Mr. and Mrs. Williamson and Go Blue! xoxo

Yesterday,  Mark (The Walking Man) reminded me that this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week.  I blogged extensively last year at this time and won't go into all of it today.  As a card carrying member of National Alliance of Mental Illness, I keep abreast of all efforts in the mental illness field.  It is absolutely amazing how many of us suffer from some sort of mental health problem, while so little is being done to increase awareness.  As a disease of our highest functioning organ, it gets very little recognition for the life changing condition that it is. I'm sure you all know of someone who struggles.  Until it gets proper recognition, the disease will never get the money for the research it needs to help cure/manage it.  Please donate or just advocate in any way you can to help. 

Now it dawns on me that I have put marriage and mental illness in the same post.  Coincidence?  I think not.  After all, doesn't a life long union take a certain amount of mental strength?  The everyday 'give and take' alone can drive you a little nutty. 

But when it's good, it's still the best.  Live happy with honor and respect to one another.  And call your old Auntie Jodi anytime you need to talk.  I love ya both. xoxo

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jesus Loves Me...

The Bible in 50 Words
God Made.
Adam bit.
Noah arked.
Abraham split.
Joseph ruled.
Jacob fooled.
Bush talked.
Moses balked.
Pharoah plagued.
People walked.
Sea divided.
Tablets guided.
Promise landed.
Saul freaked.
David peeked.
Prophets warned.
Jesus born.
God walked.
Anger crucified.
Hope died.
Love rose.
Spirit flamed.
Word spread.
God remained.   

I read this recently and thought it was amazing.  The author is unknown or I would have gladly given props.  I know Mark and Mona and others write Flash 50 words or less, so I thought this would be interesting.  It's pretty cool-isn't it?  And how about me with my two partners in coffee crimes?   Yes, it's sinners and saints-I'll let you pick out who's who!

Have an inspired week. Luv, j xo

Monday, August 6, 2012

London Calling...

My friend Tim (yoga teacher/artist/musician/singer/writer and general renaissance man) called me recently.  When I heard his lovely bass voice crooning , "Hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck feelin' dirty and gritty", I did not miss a beat in answering with, "cool cat, lookin' for a kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city".  We laughed and  I spared him the agony of my singing the rest of this wonderful summertime anthem.  But baby, it's been hot!  I've heard we may go on record as having the hottest year ever.

And speaking of 'bout those Olympics?  My pic today shows my friend John Geddert with his gymnast Jordyn Weiber in London.  John had the honor of being named head coach to the U.S.A. women's gymnastic team.  Yes, it was very special to me to watch my old team mate as he lived the apex of his wonderful career.  John and I grew up together in Ossineke and competed on the Ossineke Gymnastic Team.  We then went on to the Alpena High School team where John excelled in the sport and I excelled in dating my teammates.  My girlfriend, Kathryn, also an excellent gymnast, (like John-not me!) fell in love with John and the two married shortly out of high school.  I stood up in their wedding.  That was 35 years ago today.  I find it so rare that they got married so young, went to college together, worked in a gym and then later opened their own business, had three kids, traveled the world with their gymnasts and then led up the team in London 2012.  Rare indeed.  And they still call each other 'best friend'. 

So, it is with deep pride that I congratulate John on his Olympic venture and with love that I wish both he and Kathryn 'Happy Anniversary'.  You two are the best of the best!  xoxo

I am so very proud of their love and talent-and GO U.S.A.!!  xo