Monday, August 26, 2013

Doggy Dogg World...

Rut roh!  It's officially National Dog Day and Mickey is happy to once again be a 'blogstar'!  What could be sweeter than a day to honor man's best friend?  Even tho the mighty Mickster is officially my Granddog, he deserves the title as Nonnie's Best Friend.  We love that mutt that Dane rescued and adopted 9 years ago.  He is a Ghetto Terrier-by our definition and he has wiggled his way into our hearts.  Mick is a great listener, cuddler and eater of treats.  He loves a good walk down the path and is very obedient after he has watered about 20 trees along the way.  His brown eyes are deep and tender when he looks at us, and it seems he knows every word we say.  He has been a loving and loyal companion to Dane and a welcome visitor to Nonnie and his Grandnonnie.  Mick is always up for a nap and/or a treat.  He tolerates Lola.  He is the best dog ever.

Recently friends had to put down their beloved 12 year old Golden Retriever and are now welcoming a new puppy into the family.  They just had to put their crazy dog love somewhere and Doc Holliday is the lucky recipient.  16 year old Misti said goodbye last week and her family is still in mourning for their gentle, good girl.  Dogs love you like no other and it is crushing to lose them.  The minute we acquire a dog it's only a matter of time till we have a broken heart.  But it's all worth it as they think we are the greatest thing ever.

Do you have a special dog in your life?  Share if you will...

Enjoy this last week of summer.  After Labor Day it somehow just seems over.  Ahhh, but the luscious fall is on it's way. xo

R.I.P. my old friend Mark Cousineau who at 51 years old, was way to young and way too loved to have crossed over.   Please, watch out for motorcycles and their drivers.  It can all end in a flash. xoxo Mark and may peace be with you and your family and friends who love you so very much. xo

Monday, August 19, 2013

Knock three Times...

I read recently in an AARP (what the hell do they know and how in the world does this apply to me?) column that suggests '50 things you should not do after the age of 50'.   And right off the top I am guilty of two heinous offenses.  Last week while rollerskating, I fell down in a half split that looked much the same as the picture of the lady in the article.  All pell mell, looking like a deer on an icy pond, I skinned my knee and likely pulled something in my groin.  Nice.  Will I heed advice and learn some lesson from AARP advisors of all things old age?  Not likely, as I plan to take my new skates out again-this time at a roller rink without curbs and rocks.  My second offence was not nearly as detrimental.  Jello shots.  The article advises that over the age of 50, one should not 'do' jello shots.  Whaaaaat?  I can assure you I felt no mortal peril after downing 3 at a party last Saturday night.  However, after putting chicken on the grill and promptly locking myself out of the house with no shoes and no phone, I concede that some brain cells may have been harmed as a result of my jello adventures.  Thank goodness, my neighbor had a glass of wine at the ready to ease my frustration till me and the chicken got rescued.

The best way to feel young is to spend time with my darling nieces on a rare visit to Michigan.  Aeryn and Elie made me see the beauty of the day, as I joined them in fishing, rock hunting, grasshopper and dragonfly captures, apple picking, and of course eating.  I was treated to two little songs sung in Korean with a translation following the tunes.  The girls are beautiful, smart, inquisitive, polite and very well behaved.  (Kudos Jacob and Julie!)  I'm blessed to have them in my life even if it's only once in a while. xo

I think AARP should consider the things that you SHOULD do after 50 instead of that stupid cautionary warning.

 Maybe if I have the jello shots BEFORE I go rollerskating?  It's likely that the outcome will be better!

Have a wonderful week and do something totally 'age unappropriate'-borrow a child if you have to! xo

Monday, August 12, 2013

These Dreams...

In Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir and movie by the same name, "Eat, Pray, Love", the question explored is an exercise in in self discovery.  The main character, played by Julia Roberts is living every woman's dream at a chance for a self involved journey for enlightenment regarding our true selves.  Now, it's not very realistic in the way that she can drop her job and marriage to bravely forge out on her own for a whole year.  Yes, I think we all come to a time in our lives where just running off and learning sounds easier than plodding along in reality.

In the movie, during a dinner with friends, someone asks the guests to describe themselves using one word.  No one has to think long to come up with their descriptive word for how they see themselves.  Except Julia's character, which is sort of the point of the story.

I thought I would give this thing whirl....How about friend?  Too easy, and besides I don't think that really describes how I feel about myself.  Mother and daughter is who I am by circumstances that I did not create, so that won't work.  I too, want to learn to speak Italian and am curious to travel there and many other places.  I am basically contented-but that somehow translates to complacent-which I am not.  Opinionated sounds loud and brash and not really dreamy enough.  Dreamy?  Dreamer?  Yep, maybe so.  I dream of many things simple and otherwise.  I dream of a day when my family will know true health and happiness.  I dream of learning and experiencing.  A world of peace and understanding and acceptance.  I dream of a perfectly organized closet where everything still fits. (Hey, it's MY dream here)!  I want to paint one good picture, learn at least one new language,  and finally finish one knitting/crocheting project.  Change some one's life a little.  Dreamer with a side of 'doer' thrown in to make some things actually happen.

Yes, I'm going to go with 'dreamer'.  How about you.  Think hard on your personal possibility and let me know where you land on this one.  It's really easy to name someone else's words, but not so much when it's our own choosing.

And speaking of dreamer....Julia's character gets in a bike/car accident in Bali with a vehicle driven by Javier Bardem.  It don't get much dreamier than that my friends!  Sigh.  But I (dreamily) digress.  I'll be waiting to hear what you think, so don't let me down. 

I know-you wouldn't DREAM of it! xo Love to you all, Darlings.. xo

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Melissa...

Last night I had the chance to get in touch with my roots.  And no Babes,  I did not get my hair color touched up and no, I was not on  Gotcha guessin'?  Well curious minds, I waitressed.  Yes, you read right-waitressed.  A crazy situation at our up north hangout had our favorite waitress, Sweet Melissa, running herself ragged.  She was in the unfortunate and impossible situation of being bartender, buss person, salad maker and waitress to a very busy bar.  The poor chickie should have been losing her cool, but that's just not Sweet Melissa.  Her sunny disposition and cute southern drawl makes her a wonderful worker.  However, enough was enough and she was quite pleased when I offered to help.

 After taking a giant pull off my vodker, and a refresh on my lip gloss, I hit the floor to see if I still had what it took.  As you may know, I have waitressed and  bar tended on and off since I was 15 and breaking child labor laws, but that was a looooooong time ago!  Happily the skill is just like riding a bike-in my case, a very old one!  I was workin' it old skool as I slapped down menus, took drink orders-and then ran to the bar to make them.  Turning in food orders came back as natural as vodka and soda with a twist of lime.  Patrons were patient and gracious as they could see we were stretched a little thin.  I cleaned up some tables, found extra ketchup and gave out quarters for the Skill Claw machine.  Handling a busy bar is the ultimate in organization and multitasking but somehow the plethora of demands were met.

  It's almost a rush when it dawns on you that it all worked out and everyone is fed and happy-I know I was when finally I sat down to my vodka and pizza.  Waitressing is honest, hard work and I'm not ashamed to have done it and would do it again.  It's instant gratification and once again reminds me why I always over tip.  Thanks for the experience Sweet Melissa!! xo