Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Fine Day....

I was a pre-teen (now they coin it 'tween') on the very first Earth Day. We studied it in our sixth grade class and a vote was taken to determine the best things we could do to be personally involved. So, the date and time was set for 60 kids and two teachers to try and make a difference.

On a unseasonably sunny spring day--by the grace of God, it wasn't snowing, this IS northern Michigan we are talking about-- we walked to our destination. Hiring a bus would be totally counterproductive to our efforts. Sporting my best hot pants, (now coined 'Daisy Dukes or booty shorts'), Snoopy t-shirt and Jack Purcell's, (anyone else remember those?) and armed with a bag and a stick with a nail on the end of it, we proceeded to clean up the sides of US23 for a mile, on both sides. It was an unbelievable mess. We then planted flowers in the town hall yard. I know we planted trees, but I do not remember where. We were later treated to a cone at the Dairy Dome--which was a locally owned knock off of the Dairy Queen, but just as yummy. It was fun to be virtuous and sanctimonious as we patted ourselves on the back for helping to save our Earth.
I enjoyed the day off from studies, being outside and getting to wear a totally cute outfit. (Bonus!) I made some effort on later Earth Days, but it was never the same as that first, idealistic, innocent one. We were so sure we could change the world.

At the same time, our local factories that kept our town alive was spewing junk in the air steadily as the paychecks it was handing out. Littering was a ticket able offense, but I've not once heard or or have seen it being enforced. Whole fields were being cleared for those subdivisions where there is not a single living green thing when completed. At one point, we stopped getting money for our cans and bottles and mostly just threw them away. They still do that in Florida!

So now that we have total and breathless media saturation on the subject, I'm not sure what is different . Being a natural cheapskate, I always return my cans and bottles, and hate to waste ANYTHING! I used cloth diapers and breastfed--best for child and cheap to boot! I do drive a gas hog now, but I drove small, economy cars for years--mostly due to my own personal economic situation--re: broke as a joke! I love resale and buying those hunk a junks and turning them into something special. But that's as much of a hobby as a recycle. I always buy my books used and return them for reuse. Again, cheap being the motive as much as saving trees. However, I do confess to a love affair with paper towels--Brawny Pic a Size, to be exact. I reuse as much as possible with things like plastic bags and leftovers, but other than that, I had actually forgot about the actual 'Earth Day', that I now understand is 'Earth Week'.
My friend Kristen and her family cleaned up a large area of litter and for that I am proud. (Urban legend has it that another clean up effort on 94 and 7 mile yielded treasures like bags of dope and a large roll of money--but that is a totally different blog!) Her daughters were refreshingly eager in their efforts. Good job, ladies! Guess I need to take a cue, get off my ass, and do SOMETHING. Any suggestions on how a spoiled, kinda lazy person as myself, can make a real difference? Let me know, okay? P.S. Go Wings--it ain't over till Karen Neumann sings! xo
P.P.S.S. Sorry everyone for being so long winded. Sometimes I am full of hot air! xoxo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Feel Like We Do?...(live version, of course!)

Recently I filled out my fourth application for jury duty. What the hey? I have already been chosen as a juror three times and I think I have done my duty. I know people who have never even served one time. Of course, I am always worried that said duty will interfere with a vacation or a possibility of messing up a nice Friday afternoon getting ready to head up to the beach house..

The first time, when I lived up north, I was very excited to be a part of the process and actually looked forward to it. My employer paid my wages for the time and I didn't have to count it as vacation or sick days. I sat thru days of the choosing process only to discover that the person on trial was a close, personal friend. I was promptly excused even though my friend had hoped I could get him off the drunk driving offense. Your on your own dude--I am so outta here! I collected my $14.00 from the court for two days 'work' and was on my way.

The second time I was called to serve, was also in Alpena, and the case was much more involved. This time I was chosen for the whole enchilada. I think the dude was definitely guilty, but he had a much better lawyer and got off quite lightly. That or the fact that the judge snored thru most of the arguments. I was doing hair at the time, on a commission only basis, so I lost wages for three whole days and the paltry $21.00 was an insult.

The next time I was called I had a vacation scheduled and the judge took pity on me and excused me. Whoo Hoo! Start the party early!

Under Judge Maceroni, (who I LOVED) I was chosen and heard a very interesting case involving a Detroit crack whore, her pimp, and the dude they rolled and stole the car from. It was crazy and very revealing. Apparently that poor, brazen, girl was so beat down that nothing could embarrass her. She told ALL. Anywhoo, the Judge took pity on us and after 5 days, insisted that we wrap this thing up. The payment had went up to $12.00 a day, so being unemployed, I took my check and ran. Hardly late for cocktail hour, thank you very much!

So now I read about the juror that was intoxicated and released from her duties. I've heard many excuses to get out of duty, but this one, by far, was the most effective. And newsworthy. While I still don't understand how I keep getting picked, (my son thinks my social liberalness visibly oozes from my pores!), I think I'll just serve away and save the cocktailia for after the gavel bangs...Enjoy our beautiful weather--it's only gonna get better! xo

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April in the "D".....

Yes, it's April in the D! I love it, I love it, I love it! My Sergeant cherry tree is in full, glorious, pink lusciousness bloom. Resembles a spraying champagne bottle which is always is a good thing! The Red Wings pulled off a win and the Tigers had a wild game with a kick ass come from behind win! Whoo Hoo boys, keep it up! Detroit sports rock my world!

Did ya send in your census? Was dreading doing mine, but finally stopped procrastinating and found out the damn thing took about 5 minutes to fill out. As most things I don't like to do, the worry is worst than the work. Taxes are next, which reminds me of the absolutely cool sight I saw down on Gratiot the other day. The Liberty Tax people are really pulling out all the stops. They had not one, not two, but count 'em THREE rather zaftig women dressed as Ms. Liberty, shoulder to shoulder doing a very spirited can-can. Nearly drove off the road and cracked my mug smiling! Only in Detroit...
On April first--a rather balmy day-- when buying produce at Kroger's, I witnessed 2 chickies in full on bikinis and flip flops! No April Fool's Day! Yes, said ladies grabbed a cart and much to the amusement of everyone, selected their groceries. It was so gorgeous out that the 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' rule was bypassed. That or the fact that THEY were also gorgeous! Thought I was back in the Keys for a minute. Again, only in Detroit...

Sleet on Friday, hot sun on Saturday. It's all good with me cuz it's April in the D! Celebrate, friends....xoxo

Monday, April 5, 2010

Take it Easy...

Along with myself getting a nasty cold upon arriving home, my computer picked up a virus and has an appointment with the Dr. on Wednesday. Will post when it's back up to snuff. Meanwhile enjoy the pics of Lola relaxing on her vay cay! Talk soon, dears...x