Monday, November 24, 2014

A Little Bit Stronger...

On this week approaching Thanksgiving, I was going to list 10 things I am thankful for.  However, it became too cliched, and 5 things seem to be enough without being too redundant.

#5   Firstly, I am thankful for family and friends that I can count on to get me thru what is the
       hardest time of my life.  Thank you for your unending love and support and understanding when        I have to blink back tears.  The cards, calls, and kind words are balms to my soul, and I cannot
       express the importance and joy you bring me.  I am touched and you have made me a better                and more compassionate person thru your actions.  What a delightful and unexpected lesson.  XO
#4   The comfort of my home, car, food and security that allows me to take for granted how very
       lucky I am.
#3   My health.  I work hard at staying strong and the endorphins help me to forge on.
#2   The freedom to live, love, worship and speak my mind in the way that I choose.  (You know I
       ALWAYS have to speak my mind-and sometimes even have to have the last word!)  Don't hate-
       it's genetic!!
#1   The love of God,  my husband and pets who try their best to keep me loved, warm and sane.
       Without  y'all, I would surely crack.  You are the best and I love you all deeply.
#0  Wait!  There's a zero??   For hot showers, flannel pajamas, good vodka, big cookies, books-how
       could I forget my favorite escape?, lifesaving coffee,  good linens, garlic, down comforters,                scented candles, dark chocolate and automatic car starters-the gravy on my potatoes and icing on
       my cupcakes.  (red velvet, please!)

As I struggle thru many grey days, I have to remind myself that life is good.  Challenging, but good.
We question, but do not get to know all the answers.  The mystery of life is such.  So we remember, and wipe away the tears.  Cherish all the good things and be thankful for what you have, while you have them.

And lastly...Dane.  I am thankful that I had him for 31 years.  As I go thru this first holiday season without him,  I am trying to be happy that I was able to know and love him.  He was and is the best gift ever and I am forever changed by his life and his death.  I pray for grace to accept this.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and cherish every breath you take.  xo

Monday, November 17, 2014

Something Big...

What the hell is going on?  Can the quest for celebrity degenerate any lower?  I am so disgusted by the in-your-face, blatant, self promotion of these 'asstastic stars'.

Jennifer Lopez, the mother of two, takes every chance she can to show and shake her butt.  And when it wasn't enough, she paired up with a younger pop star and did a dual rumpy thing.  Nicki Minaj has rumored to have had implants making her already huge ass titanic in proportion-and she loves to show the world what she paid for.  And what the hell for?  I am genuinely flummoxed by all the attention that this body part is garnering.  But at least these three can sing.  Okay sorta...

Now comes along the biggest self promoter of all.  Kim Kardashian.  The girl who made a blue movie and 'thrust' herself into the spotlight, with no visible talent other than beauty, Kim has become a household word.  She can't sing, dance or otherwise amuse me, and yet every time I turn on my homepage, there she is, showing her ample junk.  I read that she earned 43 million in three months by loaning her image to a video game.  Are you kidding me?

What happened to old Hollywood glamour?  Are we so overstimulated by technology that it takes a real shocker to grab our interest?  I loved it when Marilyn, Jane, Audrey, Lauren, Bette and the such were models of modesty and true glamour.  They looked and acted like ladies and there was a mystery that kept us intrigued and wanting more-without airbrushing!  Class without ass, I say.....

Well, now that I have acknowledged the very thing and names I abhor, I guess I've made my point.  Don't you think this is a sad trend that is now becoming normal?  I hate it in print, song lyrics and the way I see women dress.  I can't imagine trying to raise a daughter in this culture.  Pathetic.

Monday, November 10, 2014

War/No More Trouble...

On this Veteran's Day 2014, I want to take time to thank all of the brave men and women who have served our country-unselfishly-to help keep us safe and insure our freedom.  They have done and are doing something that I, personally, could never have done. 

I was tickled to see the list of restaurants that were letting veterans dine on the house today.  How very cool is that?  I hope many took advantage of this.  P.T.S.D. is now and finally, being recognized as the serious medical condition that it is.  I personally know vets that are now getting benefits due to them from their trauma.  It's about time.   Also, to the doctors and nurses at the V.A. hospitals providing care to these special people.

But meals and benefits and even therapy will not make up for the way that war can change a persons life.  And for that, the greatest respect is deserved.   xo

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pay for it...

All over Chicago I saw statues of horses painted and decorated in amazing ways.  I asked and found out that the public art installation was honoring the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.  Each horse is named after a fallen hero of the Chicago police department.  The proceeds from a live auction will go to the families of the injured or killed in the line of duty officers.  How cool is that?

But, of course, this beautiful tribute had to fall victim to idiots that just couldn't help but lean on or push over some of the horses.  There were even photo ops gone bad as too many people tried to pose on the statues.  Accidents do happen, but vandalism?  I simply cannot understand how anyone could do that.  Are you bored?  Showing off?  Pissed off?  Completely shameful.

And as I ponder that travesty, I came home to my own little drama.  The cans that hold the spotlights in my yard were knocked over as well as two of my mum plants.  And just to add a personal touch, a large-and still full-cup of Speedway coffee was left on the front porch.  Hmmmmm, guess all in all, it was a pretty light touch and certainly nothing to compare with the poor horsies.  Skipping passing out Halloween candy was my crime and someone just had to 'trick' me a little.  Oh well, 'treating' myself at my Sister's restaurant was well worth it!

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just remember that lesson that we learned in kindergarten. Don't touch other peoples things and keep your hands to yourself.  And for crying out loud, never leave a FULL cup of coffee anywhere-cuz that's truly nuts!

Happy November my Darlings! xoxo