Monday, September 27, 2010

The Boogie That Be....

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth....
My AT & T has been acting up so my wireless and cable has been spotty at best. The service man will be here between 8:00 and 12:00 tomorrow to check it out. I won't get into the boring particulars of the whole service call because we have all had to make those calls and it is never very pretty. I love the whole 4 hour window--as if I have nothing better to do than wait around for him to get here and then fix the damn thing. But what choice do I have? Having service go in and out is sooooooo irritating..

So, the lack of telly and computer has me reading like a crazy person. I LOVE my Ipad I never thought I would say it, but I even enjoy perusing the virtual library. I don't find it to be a big money saver, however, because I usually bought my books used. I have read the Steig Larrson trilogy and am anxious to see the movie--both the original subtitled one and the one with the darling Daniel Craig starring in it. I have read at least 3 memoirs and a number of 'beach reads'--none of which I will admit the titles to. I promise to read something with some substance soon.

I find it very convenient to be able to enlarge the font sizeto accommodate my aging eyeballs. The back lit screen makes reading in bed without an otherwise glaring light also very nice. It's like I have a new best buddy! No regrets on the Ipad and I would recommend it highly.

The combination of the weather and the extra time has me in the kitchen. Baking. Yes, altho I've barely turned on the oven this whole summer, this fall finds me whippin' up some sweet treats. Today it was Apple Crisp and Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yummy for the tummy! And the house smells delicious, too.

I will cut this thing off for now, as my AT & T may blink out at any moment. Besides, I gotta hurry and order "The Flat Abs Diet" on my Ipad!

Enjoy the crisp weather--while it lasts, cuz you know what's on the way......xo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

King of the Whole Wide World....

I took a trip around the world this week--mall style. No kidding. If you want an international experience, you need look no further.

After a particularly grueling workout with Trainer Tony, I hauled my sore body to the mall to run some errands and 'beauty up' a bit. Upon entering, I was easily convinced by a darling Chinese girl to sit down and get a 20 minute shiatsu massage. She was polite and my neck and back loosened up under her expert touch.

A little farther on, a boy from Israel talked me into a hand massage with minerals from the Dead Sea. My hands were like silk and I asked him a lot of questions just to keep him talking (and rubbing!) with that very cool accent. And yes, I sprung for the products.

On to National Coney Island where a polite man from Greece served me a delicious hani sandwich. His English was broken and charming and the sandwich was heavenly--as usual.

I then stopped by the booth to get my eyebrows threaded. Threading is an ancient beauty treatment originating in India. My regular girl, (from India), swiftly and professionally snapped my brows into perfect shape. See ya in two weeks Doll!

At Perfumania I picked up some cologne that I like. The girl behind the counter was very exotic and had a lilting accent. When I asked her, she informed me that she was from Cameroon. Africa. How cool is that?

With just one more thing to do, I headed over to get my toes 'did'. My expert girl, a darling chickie from Vietnam, made my toes look f.i.n.e.-fine. Cherry Blossom pink. I picked her brain for family history and learned that she has been here only 1 year with the goal of owning her own salon one day.

As I sported my new pedi out to my car, it dawned on me what an experience that I just had. I was treated respectfully and professionally by everyone and I enjoyed learning the new things that they had to offer. Someday I hope to do some international travel, but until then I'll just take a spin around the mall. Who knew? xo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Calling....

This weekend found me making the pilgrimage to Ossineke to visit family and attend the shower and 'Bachelorette' party for my beautiful niece, Laurel.

The festivities began with yummy hors d' oeuvres and cocktails while Laurel answered questions pertaining to her groom while he played along via computer screen. Door prizes were liberally given out and I was thrilled to get some great goodies. My sister knows better than to force me to play 'bridesmaid bingo' for a dishcloth! Then the opening of the gifts where Laurel scored quite the loot for her new home. Very cute and staid activities as per the usual shower custom...

But then.......A bus pulled up and it was all aboard for the official 'bachelorette party'. No chances for the PoPo to pick up a drunken bridesmaid--or Auntie Jodi! Now at this point, I would like to point out that I am too 'experienced' for this kinda nonsense. Thank you blog friend Erik (Erik's Choice) for sweetly pointing out the difference between old and experienced. xo!

But when in Rome....

Laurel gamely sported a t-shirt with hard candies that invited dudes to 'suck for a buck'! She netted 96 bucks from the eager 'suckers'. Her tiara and veil were cleverly festooned with tiny penises. And a giant, 8 foot inflated penis appeared from somewhere and was anointed as the official mascot. I think you get the theme of things. Much female bonding occurred while drinking shots and toasting the bride-to-be. I escaped the whole thing with a smile and most of my pride intact.

But, oh to be a groom. Skip the shower thing and just head out for the bonding and debauchery, with out the care of matching rugs and towels. There may even be some nudity for the lucky guy, in case he never sees a naked woman again. So much easier when the groom isn't forced to wear a crown or clothing sporting female body parts. Just buddy's, beer and booze. I've heard the girly version be called very unflatteringly-- I may add, a 'hen party'. Does that make the guys party a 'cock party'? No. I think WE had that covered!! Congrats to Laurel and Ben--Oct. 17 will be here soon!

Congrats also for my Godchild Nicole and her new baby Evan. I got to hold the sweet pea when he was a scant 24 hours old. What a darling addition to our family! Kisses to Mommy and Baby.
Happy Fall to all and enjoy this lovely weather! xoxo

Friday, September 3, 2010

These are Days.....

Happy Labor Day! What a long, hot glorious summer it's been. Cheryl and I have celebrated the hell out of it..But it's over (sigh). Kiddies are back in school and the nights are gettin' chilly. And it was great fun while it lasted.
Last week I read an article encouraging us to 'start now to get done before the holidays.' Really? Like, now? Why? Micheal's is helping us by putting out the Christmas decorations. Already.

Years ago, I alleviated most of the stress by eliminating the gift buying thing. I love to shop, but hate the deadline pressure thing. I shop and buy all year round, but am more liable to give it to the person right away instead of on Christmas Day. I prefer a kind of 'treasure hunt' approach to the whole thing. So, no real stress there...

It was hinted at that we could bake our sugar cookies now and then freeze them till December. I can't even imagine missing out on the lovely smell of cinnamon and chocolate on a snowy day while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa. O.K., I've never really DONE that, but it sounds cool. I can, however, be counted on to simmer up some mulling spices. And eat Mom's cookies.

So, my big plan is to let fall unfold the way it should. I'm gonna admire the changing leaves, drink fresh cider and maybe eat a caramel apple. I adore looking at Halloween costumes and planning out what this years 'get up' may be. That's about as far as I can plan ahead. Why rush things? Live in the moment and somehow it all just 'happens'. Have a good week--it's gonna be a short one! xoxo