Monday, July 25, 2016

Sign O' the Times...

Please, I beg you; make it stop! My brain hurts and I'm about to bleed out my eyeballs.  Do I have a painful migraine you might wonder? Nope, just me endurin' the politics.  And I hate it.

To me, political opinions are a private matter.  Depending on how we were raised, personal beliefs and exposure, we all believe it what's right for us personally.  It's like religion to me-also personal.  I do not force my beliefs on you and I prefer you do the same for me.  When those guys sweating in their suits ring my doorbell, I politely tell them that I respect them for their faith and ask for the same respect back.  My facebook, ideally a polite cocktail hour kind of conversation is full of people blowing their chosen horns.  And it can get ugly.  There is not one thing that I read on 'fake' book that will change my basic beliefs.  Stop it already!!

I have endured the conventions, in fact it's on in the background tonight.  And I can say that it's worse than a playground fight.  Mud slingin' and classless.  People just worked up into a frenzy!  How are we ever going to stand united with words like 'black voters',  the 'gay vote', 'rich people', etc.  Sound bites, he said/she said.  CNN and FOX.  Tearing each other down to make the other look bad. Who can you believe?  Grandstanding and pontificating.  And why do the speakers have to act like 60 year old cheerleaders dragging out each word?  IIIIIIIIIIIIIII     WILLLLLLL  BEEE  GREEAAAT! 

Really, cuz you sound like an idiot!

From my sparkly bubble a different picture would come into view.  I wish we could just have a King and Queen.  Maybe monarchy with princesses!  On white horses!  Wearing cool hats and waving like prom queens.  Darling children to admire.  They wouldn't dream of shouting hoarsely into the mic.  There would be decorum and class.  People would be nice to each other.  We would work for the good of all of us.  With respect and compassion and love.

Hey, I can dream, can't I.  For now, I'll just take two Tylenols and hope for the best. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

These are Days...

Happy Tuesday!   What a week I had.  After struggling (still!) with that funky virus at the beginning of the week, on Thursday I could be found in Detroit attending the S.H.A.R. (Self Help Addiction Recovery) celebrating the 47th. anniversary of the organization.  I was warmly welcomed and met some Detroit dignitaries as well as some amazing doctors, therapists, and clients of SHAR.  I spoke my little story and totally enjoyed the afternoon.  There are some very special people fighting the good fight and I am honored to have been included.  Thank you, cousin and friend Dayna who assisted my that day as well as took to the dance floor to learn a new hustle.  Guuurrrrl had it goin' on!

On Saturday I set up my gig at the annual F.A.N. (Families Against Narcotics) run and fundraiser.  I watched with amazement as 2000 balloons were released in the air honoring the recovering addicts as well as those who have passed.  Many people stopped by my table and told me of their struggles and as usual, I found comfort in the stories that I know so well.  I made lots of new friends and sold lots of books!  The highlight was meeting one of Dane's therapists.  She took one look at the pictures in the book and just cried her eyes out.  I love hearing how loved he was by others.  Again, it's such a good feeling learning that he touched some lives.  F.A.N. is changing lives and I would recommend the help and support that they are able to give.  It's my plan to become more involved.

Sunday I went up north to visit my great nieces who were here for a final visit before moving to Japan for 3 years.  They are little dolls and I hate that they will be so far away.  Had a wonderful time with the family and got home today to get things back on track.

Hope all is well with you, my friends.  xo

Monday, July 11, 2016

Under the Sea...

For a girl who quit celebrating birthdays a long time ago, I must admit to being swept up in the hoopla yesterday.  My family and friends simply will not comply with my wishes to just let it be another day.  Facebook, email, gmail and texts and cards netted me well over a hundred wishes and I loved reading every one of them.  It's weird to think of that many people having you cross their minds on the same day.  Thank you to all who took a moment to make me feel special.

At the beachhouse friends and family showered me with love and attention.  There were gift conspirators,  double chocolate brownies with salted caramel frosting, jewelry, mermaid shenanigans and many toasts for another great year.  I want to thank my friends and family-Randy, Mark and Cheryl and Nicole for making me a happy mermaid.  I love you all very much.   xo

Monday, July 4, 2016

Paradise City...

Happy Fourth of July, friends!  With lots of guest revelers, good food and drink plus picture postcard weather-how could things just not be all teed up for my favorite holiday?  I'll tell you how....

I had the flu.  Yep, in the summer on the 4th. of July weekend.  As our company rolled in on Friday and set up their tents, I had not one problematic symptom.  My brother arrived and we started with a cocktail and catch-up.  Randy joined after work and got Mickey and Hazel all situated.  Shortly after dinner during a roaring bonfire, my throat started to feel scratchy and suddenly everything seemed too loud.  I crept off to bed early with a good book.  By Saturday morning I was full blown Ms. Flubug Fanny.  I barely left the bedroom as the party and boating went on without me.  I couldn't help but acknowledge how much more miserable it is to be sick in the summer instead of the winter.  Hot tea, my fireplace and a snuggly blanket is how you are supposed to get thru the virus-maybe while watching snowflakes drift down. Not while it's hot and the FOURTH OF JULY weekend.  Did I mention how it is my favorite holiday?  Anyway, by Sunday morning I was feeling almost human.  Not Bloody Mary in the morning human with the gang human, but at least able to sit up and take nourishment.  The flu shot I got this fall must have been the thing that lessened the symptoms and time frame.  I forged on and still managed to eke out a fun time.

Anyways, after hitting up the Guns and Roses concert last week, (which was totally fabulous!) I indulged in my guilty pleasure of reading 'rocker lit'.  Yes, I am well into the biography of Slash.  I admit to developing a little crush on him and now I have to find out what he is really like.  And the book is not half bad! 

God bless America, land of the free (to read rocker lit!) and home of the brave (enough for an old chick to endure the traffic, parking, crowd and long lines at a GnR show.)  Now if I just coulda met the Slash-that would have cured me for sure!   xo