Monday, February 27, 2017

Here's a Quarter...(call someone who care's)

Hi friends!  It's been a long time since dear friends Kara and Vivi were featured as my 'blogstars.'  Vivienne, who is a beautiful and happy child seems to always get her 'Angry Bird' or some such face when she sees a camera!  Thank God she's too young to be a selfie poser...

Speaking of endless selfies and other invasive species, (day to day minutia, political rants, etc.) the TMI we are exposed to is crazy.  It's amazing to me how self important we as a society have become.  We cannot just hold an opinion anymore-everybody must know exactly how we feel about EVERYTHING!  Oversharing and self promotion is crazy rampant.  Are we truly living our own 'reality show?'  And has social media fostered this condition as we are free to share endless pics? (all right, I love the great photography in SOME of those shared!)  Does hiding behind a key board free us up to even more opinions that would not otherwise be so insisted on?

In the real world case of TMI, I recently had a few zingers.  While checking out at a store recently, the cashier leaned forward and said conspiratorially, 'I'm so nervous-today I'm going in for my first ever bikini wax!  I've trimmed back things as much as possible so maybe it won't hurt as much.'  Let that sink in a moment....I've never even seen this girl before!  Does my face or my purchases elicit such a confidence?  Wax on, wax off already.  Sheesh...

A gym acquaintance confided in my that he was unable to do some exercises due to a raging case of hemorrhoids.  Really.  Well good for you for all the self-love.  Gotta watch that, I guess.  And again, why should I be privy to this very personal info?

And while sweating in out at a Doctor's appointment, the specialist that was making sure I didn't have a blistering case of something, looked me in the eye and said, " I have been barely able to go on since my wife died."  Then with me in my paper gown, he leaned over and hugged me while bursting into tears.  I had the very unique experience of comforting him while STILL worrying if I had a fatal case of Hoogala Schmoogala. (I didn't).  I guess Doc took my concerned facial expression as a sign I was concerned about HIM!   What the unholy hell?

So as I shake my head over these little oversharing incidents, I beg you to look at my face in the pic and tell me if you see anything that shows an openness to such behavior.  A look in my eyes, a turn of the cheek?

Seriously, I want to know!!   P.S. Please pray for me as we load the truck with the stuff for vacation along with Mickey and Hazel and head down to the Keys.  The hillbillies take the road again and who knows what adventure this trip will bring!  (I'll try not to overshare!)


Charles Gramlich said...

Yikes. That bikini wax thing would have made me back quickly out of the store.

jodi said...

Charles-I know, it was so weird! Why, I ask, Why??