Monday, May 29, 2017

Sounds Good to Me...

Just got in this morning from Alaska where we took three, yes three, flights to get home.  The red eye out of Anchorage was my first ever ride where I traveled at night.  So I am bushed.  How lucky was I to have a vacation with my family where we ate, drank, explored, shopped, and laughed ourselves sick.  It was a blast and I will share more details when my head is not so jet lagged.

Thanks today to all my family and friends and those I've never met for their service to our country.  I think you are all very brave and I'm proud to personally know so many of you that gave of your heart for our country.  How do you thank someone for giving you your freedom?  I wish I knew.  But thank you again.
See you next week when my head is out of the clouds longer than a few hours.  Have a wonderful week-it's almost June!   Hugs my comrades. XO


Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, sounds really wonderful. I sure want to see Alaska

jodi said...

It's really cool, Charles. The true last frontier!