Monday, May 15, 2017


You are still a Mom, my friends will say;
but somehow it doesn't feel that way.
The one I nurtured and loved so very much;
is lost to me, his quick kiss and loving touch.
I don't really know what I am these days..
My identity has changed in so many ways
The piece of me that was the best, has
left me alone to stand the test.
To live again, I had to start
to move forward with this broken heart.
In his name, I'll fight this fight
and try my hardest, with all my might.
To love without my only son,
to stay strong and not come undone.
The pain does not ever  'go away'
I carry it with me everyday. 
But in your name, I promise to thrive
and work hard to keep your love alive.
The part of me that's now missing
will always be with you,
But this part is certain-and so true.

Everyday until the end;
My Son, my friend,

I will always be your Mom.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very powerful! I'll remember this one for a long time.

Julie LaFleche said...

How beautiful Jodi. Did you write it? It felt so heartfelt and personal to you. I CAN wish you a Happy Mothers Day because you were/are a true mom. Love you! Julie LaFleche

Mrs. Ivan said...


nickoleg said...

This is beautiful Jodi! You and Dane are in my thoughts.



jodi said...

Charles-that means so much coming from you. xo
Julie-yes, it's mine. Thank you for those supportive words. Hope your day recognized you as well. Hugs.
Lori-Can't wait to see you guys. xo
Nicole-thank you so much.

Another year rolls by and still I struggle so much. Thank all of you for your love. xo