Monday, January 15, 2018

Let it out...

They are lined up like little soldiers, ready to do their duty.  Fedoras, baseball caps, beanies, tams, berets, wide brim floppy, boaters, cloches, a Shady Brady, cowboys and panamas.  They are on shelves, line the back of the futon, and fill up my hat tree.  I even have a mad bomber as well as a helmet with a scull on it.  Rhinestone embellished, leopard print and one even has a feather!
It all started with a raspberry beret from Salvation Army back in the day-I kid you not.  (RIP Prince)

On occasion, I try to purge my collection, but I can't seem to part with any of them.  I need all my Detroit team hats to at least look the part.   Some of them match my jackets.  I spend too much time in the sun to give up all of my brimmed hats, and I need all the colors and styles.  I may attend a country concert so the cowboy ones stay-all four of them.  Beanies are for my bad hair days or to cover my roots when my color is overdue.  In case of an Alaska adventure, I have my fur hat with the ear flaps.  And if I hitch a ride on a motorcycle anytime soon, I have the perfect scull brain bucket to protect my melon. 

I think you are either a hat wearer or you are not.  I love them and find them stylish as well as functional.  Thanks to that silly 'National Hat Day' today for giving me an easy post prompt.  Do you like/wear hats?  Do you possess them in excess of say...65 or so?  Give me your thoughts on this very deep subject!

Remembering the great Martin Luther King today.  In reading his famous quotes, I am again struck by his passion, brilliance and attempt to educate on equality and peace.  RIP Dr. King, you are yet to be matched.   

Have a wonderful week, friends and if the weather stays this cold, for heaven's sake, put on a hat!!


Charles Gramlich said...

Not much of a hat wearer on a general basis.

jodi said...

Charles, but you have a cool one in your profile pic! You are wearin' da hell outta it! xo