Monday, September 25, 2017


Remember when flying (in an airplane) was glamorous?  Well, I do.  You called your travel agent and they competently lead you in your planning and happily handed you the tickets.  You dressed appropriately and were excited for the experience. Upon arriving at the airport, again, an agent cheerfully assisted you and checked your bags-for free.  Security was quick.  You waited and people watched until boarding.  You were greeted by a 'stewardess' who was also called 'the angel of the skys.'  You sat in your seat with a fresh paper cover on the headrest and waited patiently for the booze cart-again free.  If not a full meal, at least a good snack was offered.  It was interesting and fun to feel like a celebrity for a while.

My recent (with the exception of Emirates) airline experiences are the polar opposite.

I make the reservation on line and ticket at the kiosk.  When AA's computer is down and my card can't be verified for free baggage, I am advised to pay the 50.00 and try to recoup it myself.  No, 'I'm sorry, Ma'am' or anything close.  NEXXXXTT..So we wait and enjoy the scene of people who trudge around in their pajamas, short shorts, and such. And don't forget the headphones lest you should have to communicate.

We pack into the tiny seats and risk getting lice or whatever disease from the headrest.  The plane is freezing and when I request a blanket I'm just as coldly informed that they are only for first class.  We'll excuse the hell outta me!  Of course they charge for a cocktail and you have to be ready to catch that little bag of pretzels, because the 'flight attendants' are in an unholy rush.  But sometimes I get lucky and get the ginger cookies..

At the dreaded baggage carousel, tired and over it all, we stand and wait for 20 minutes before some of the luggage shows up.  Another 15 minutes a few more pieces show up-including Randy's bag.  We wait and wait for mine.  Finally we approach the office and the dolt there informs us that, 'Oh, yeah...some of the bags got on the wrong flight.'  Apparently it was too much to walk 20 feet and share his secret.  After the necessary paperwork, I am informed that my bag would be delivered.  Again, no apology or even reassurance.  He didn't dare smile.

Where in the world has customer service gone?  Clearly, you can't pay for it.  I would think that since we now do half of their job for them we could at least get them to crack a smile.  Thank you for enduring my rant. 

Let me know if this is also your travel experience.  Or do I just have 'KICK ME' on my forehead!


steve said...

Let me know if you need help booking flights. I’m getting good at it. 😂

the walking man said...

Anyone who flies anywhere has "kick me" on the seat of their pants--been nearly 30 years--I do NOT pay for aggravation.

Unknown said...

I truly miss the Good ole days.
Even "first class" isn't like it used to be. On our last flight (in first) they "ran out" of the meal we preselected. However they did "slip" to bottles of a very nice cabernet into my carry on to say "sorry"..

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, customer service is largely a thing of the past it seems.

jodi said...

Steve, you are not!!!
Tami? What a scam. Cabernet would help to ease the pain!
Mark, It is a necessary evil in our world-can't drive everywhere.
Charles-It's done and gone!